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 For upland game or waterfowl. Pudelpointers are the best


Versatile Hunting Dogs for Wisconsin! Take a look at this FAQ on what they are, and where our dogs come from. 

The earliest we may have our next breeding will be June of 2019.

If you want notice of any impending litter send me an email at


 "Kjelda Marie is an amazing dog, a product of Rock Creek Kennels, and bred to Rock Creek's Prize 1 Utility Champion, Edmund Fitzgerald, she produced amazing pups not easy to find  in today's market."  Her pup above at right, grew into the adult female at the left.

Rock Creek's
Edmund Fitzgerald

Rock Creek's Eddie, as he is known, achieved a Prize 1 in the NAVHDA Utility test, and gained an invitation to NAVHDA'S Invitational testing in Iowa last fall. Highly prepotent, he stamped and image on all the pups

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I have been hunting with pointers for 45 years and the last 3 dogs have been Pudelpointers. My experience working with them gave me the impetus to make those dogs more available in Wisconsin.  This  female is the best I've owned, although all have been remarkable, eager, prey driven hunters, good family dogs and extremely biddable, except perhaps with a rooster on the run.
Bred to Rock Creek's Edmund Fitzgerald, she whelped six puppies April 11. All were placed and currently  we don't have any dogs available.  We look forward to a breeding this summer either a repeat with Rock Creek Eddie, or a breeding by Cedarwood's Harley.

Custer, WI 54423, USA

715 496-0643


    I once had a field champion lab that I compare to all dogs.  I've never come across a dog with an intelligence level close to his . . . until now.  Ziva continues to amaze me. She has not had as much training as I would like, but she doesn't seem to need it.  Incredible prey drive, extremely eager to please, and truthfully, the most intelligent pup I have ever seen.  You hit a home run with this litter.


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